3 Day Microblading Course 


Microblading is a manual semi-permanent technique. Microblading requires a certain amount of time spent practising. This amount of time is not counted in days. It is counted in months. The initial two-day microblading course represents an introduction to the technique where the students become familiar with the practice and basic problems of the technique and skin. After this two-day microblading course, the students should spend three to four months practising, on average students spend 150hours so they can become proficient. 

The Theory Part of Microblading Course:

Knowing when we must not do the treatment is equally important as knowing how to draw the eyebrows. The theoretical part focuses on skin problems, post-treatment care, pigments, shape, symmetry, etc.

The practical part comes down to practice on skin simulation on the second day and practice on live models on the third day. Practising on live models represents filling in the strokes drawn by the instructor so that there isn't a possibility for the students to make mistakes since they are working on the existing guidelines. The aim of this hands on practice is that the students see how it feels to work on real skin and to eliminate any fear they may have. Another aim of the hands on practice is to get the feeling for the right pressure to a certain extent. The topic of hygiene is the most important one and it is presented through a sequence of preventive steps that need to be taken in order to avoid possible problems. 


It will be our pleasure to share our knowledge with you. Kindest regards, House of Kaurture International Training Academy

Day 1 - Online theory

  • Introduction

    • Introductory Infection Control Training

    • What are Blood Borne Pathogens?

    • Infection Control Legislation

    • The chain of infection

  • Types of Blood-Borne Diseases

    • HIV and AIDS

    • Hepatitis B Virus

    • Hepatitis C Virus

    • Skin Diseases

    • Other Viruses

  • Infection and Work Practice Controls

    • Cross Infection

    • Reducing Risk

    • Body Fluid Cleanup Procedures

    • Hazardous Disposal Procedures

    • Glove Removal and Disposal

    • Hand Hygiene

    • Exposure Incident

    • Clean Technique Tattoos

    • Safe Injection Practices

    • Testing and Counselling

Upon completion, you with be awarded a CPD Accredited Certificate TATTOO INFECTION CONTROL LEVEL 2 (VTQ)  that you will be able to download right away. Please note it is mandatory for you to complete this part of the training prior proceeding onto the practical.

Day 2 - Practical

  • 10:00 Registration and signing the contracts between the instructor and student

  • 10:30 Introduction, basic information about the microblading course that would help the students to have realistic expectations regarding the training and mastering the microblading skill (microblading course duration, support, obtaining the Certificate, etc.)

  • 10:45 Golden ratio and forming the shape of eyebrows on paper

  • 11:00 Putting the blade in the holder; opening the bottle with pigment; U blade; drawing the strokes; video material

  • 11:00 Drawing the strokes on skin simulation (latex)

  • 11:15 - Level 1

  • 11:30 - Level 2

  • 11:45 - Levels 3 and 4

  • 12:00 - Break

  • 12:15 - Level 5

  • 12:30 - Level 6

  • 12:45 - Levels 7 and 8

  • 13:00 - Lunch break

  • 14:00 - Learning application and getting familiar with the application

  • 16:00 - Theory; information for the clients; skin problems, the appearance of strokes; pressure (surface and deep); pigments

  • 17:00 - Communication, lectures, sending the photos of work etc.

Day 3 Practical

  • 10:00 Revising on levels based on the practice and works from the previous day

  • 11:00 Practice on live models  - drawing the shape - using the golden ratio application and calculating symmetry - proper stretching of the skin - use of anaesthetics - filling the pigment and level of pressure applied to the skin

  • 13:00 Lunch break

  • 14:00 Further practice on live models 

  • 16:45 Questions and answers

  • 17:00 Delivering the Certificates of attendance to the students

Kit Contents 

Whilst training with us, we supply everything unlike other providers we will not make you use your kit supplies in class. Therefore the kit will allow you to complete 20+ procedures, making you a return on your investment & profit.


  • Hard Case

  • Microblade manual pen

  • Micro-needles

  • Numbing Cream

  • After Care Ointment

  • Pigments

  • Brow Ruler

  • Brow pencil

  • Masks

  • Gloves

  • Pigment Rings

  • Hairnets

Benefits of Training With Us!

  • Graduate with an Accredited Diploma recognized internationally

  • 1-year support from the House of Kaurture Team

  • FREE refresher class, we offer all our students the opportunity to take a free refresher class within their first year

  • Please note, we train our students 1on1, up to two students max, this ensures focused learning and better value for your investment.

  • Opportunities to join House of Kaurture International 

  • * Bonus! Manual, Contract & Aftercare forms for you to keep & use for your own business!

Upon completion, you will be awarded TWO nationally recognized certifications

1. Tattoo Infection Control

2. Microblading Semi-Permanent Makeup Diploma

Both certificates are approved and accredited, these qualifications will help you start your own business or get employed.